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Dream 649 Win!!!


A Winnipeg man and his mother played a dream set of numbers to help them win $5.3 million.

Bahadur Sultani, purchased the winning Lotto 6/49 ticket while travelling through Alberta. He checked the numbers for the December 28 draw upon returning to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“Years ago, after my sister passed away, she came to me in a dream and gave me the numbers 40, 41, 1 and 15,” Sultani said. “When I told my mom about the dream, she told me I should play the lottery.”

Sultani regularly calls his mother, Aghdas Mehdizadeh, for the last two numbers when playing the lottery.

“This time she picked 5 and 10. And that’s it — we won $5.3 million!”

The winning numbers were 1, 5, 10, 15, 40 and 41.

The winners plan on using their windfall to move Mehdizadeh to British Columbia and purchase a perfect “monster truck” for Sultani. A portion of the winnings will also be used to help the less fortunate.


Small town…Big Win!!!



A small Alberta town is home to a big lottery win and it belongs to a woman, Lois Olsen,  a woman who can remember when her farmhouse first got plumbing.

Olsen lives in Irma, a town of less than 500 people about 175 km southeast of Edmonton.

On November 11, she bought a lotto ticket and became the most recent $50-million winner in the Lotto Max lottery.

To give an idea of the magnitude of her win in that town, Olsen’s winnings are almost 40 times the yearly revenue of her town.

Olsen realized she beat seemingly impossible odds of winning 50 Million dollars November 12, the day after she bought the ticket at the Co-op at 5005 50 St.

“I pulled it out, put it back in, (then) it looked like $500. I pulled it out, put it back in and I said to the girl, ‘There’s something wrong with this machine,’ ” she said.

“Money doesn’t mean a whole bunch to me. I had hard times … maybe not now so much,” said the smiling mother of four, grandmother of nine and great-grandmother of eight.

The win is the third big payout in Alberta in a two-day span. A man from Coaldale won $1.2 million in the same draw as Olsen and an Edmonton resident won a jackpot of $1,000 a day for life, or $7 million, on the November 10 draw.






Classic Move for 649 Win

In a classic move, an Abbotsford man will set his kids by letting them find out about his $9.7-million lottery prize through the news.

Daniel Schulli won the Sept. 17 Lotto 6/49 jackpot, becoming the latest British Columbian to become a millionaire.

“Because my kids keep laughing at my old 1996 pickup,” he said, noting he’s yet to tell his three youngest children about the lotto win.

Lotto 649 Winner Pays it Forward


Jason Wheeler won just over $1,000,000 in the July 6 LOTTO 6/49 and EXTRA draw. The Fort McMurray resident plans on “giving back” to all the charities that helped him and his family in May of this year.

“We were evacuated from our house during the Fort McMurray forest fires,” he started. “We got a lot of help from the Canadian Red Cross, Food Banks and the SPCA.”

“I want to return the favour,” he finished with a smile.

The charitable winner said he discovered he had won the lottery while camping.

“I checked the lottery website when I was sitting around the fire and saw there was a million dollar winner in Alberta,” he said. “I thought, ‘How nice would that be!?’”

“I had a few tickets to scan,” he said. “When I got to the big winner I had to put it through the scanner a couple times.”

“I was a little distracted after scanning that one and forgot to check the rest of my tickets,” he said with a laugh.

On top of making a few donations to charity, Wheeler plans to pay all of his bills, help his family and buy a golf cart for his campsite.




Life Upgrade



Coquitlam resident Ian Hirsch, who won $12.8 million on the June 18 6/49 draw, doesn’t plan on spending a fortune on a new house, although it’s possible.

“That could happen,” said Hirsch, who on Tuesday accepted the cheque in Vancouver with wife Dianne, “(but) most of it will be invested long-term.”

Hirsch said that after discovering he had the winning number, he didn’t just double-check his ticket, he triple-checked it to make sure he won the huge draw.

“We couldn’t believe our eyes so we walked over to the store to check it again. It was overwhelming and surreal. I was shaking a lot!”

Added Dianne: “I didn’t believe it and I can’t believe we’re actually here. I can’t believe we’re going to have a cheque put in the bank today. It’s amazing. I feel so grateful, so blessed.”

Hirsch, a 56-year-old employee with the Chevron refinery in Burnaby, thinks he’ll take early retirement. Dianne took early retirement recently, “so I’m just going to enjoy it.”

The couple’s five children “went crazy” after hearing the news.

“We Facetimed with our kids to share the news because we wanted to see their reactions,” said Hirsch. “And that was priceless.”

Hirsch said he also plans to put some of the money away for his grandchildren’s education.

Said Dianne: “We’ll upgrade our house, upgrade our cars, upgrade our seats on the airplane, upgrade our hotels, just enhance our life.”

The winning ticket was purchased at the Shoppers Drug Mart on David Avenue in Coquitlam.


                                                                                Sole Winner


The largest lottery winner in Saskatchewan history claimed her prize on Thursday in Regina.

Mary Wernicke of Neville, Sask. won $60 million on a Lotto Max ticket. The win sets a new record for the biggest lottery prize ever won in Saskatchewan.

Wernicke bought her $5 quick pick ticket from a Pharmasave in Swift Current, Sask.

“I only had a $5 bill in my purse” she said. “I thought to myself, ‘If I’m meant to win, that’s all it’s going to take.”

Wernicke said she waited a few days before checking her ticket, but added that she had a feeling.

“I had very itchy hands, I had to get it checked out,” Wernicke quipped.

Having itchy hands is an old superstition that means money is coming your way.