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MEGA Millions: Short Guide For Beginners


MEGA Millions is the second biggest lottery in the USA. Moreover, the game is in the top 5 best lotteries of the world. MEGA Millions is held since 1996 on Tuesdays and Fridays in the US state of Georgia. The minimum Jackpot is $ 15 million. Two sets of 75 regular and 15 special balls take part in each draw. They are removed one by one from two separate lottery machines to make a combination of 6 winning balls.


The largest MEGA Millions prize scooped occurred in 2012: $ 656,000,000 amount was shared between three players. One of the luckiest lottery winners in the world were the Butler family. Three friends from Maryland joined the married couple. The third party remained anonymous. None lottery in the world could break the record until in 2016 the greatest American lotto Powerball raffled 1.6 billion dollars.


Winning Combinations


MEGA Millions has 9 prize tiers:


  1. 1 special ball matched: your win is $1
  2. 1 special ball + 1 regular ball matched: your win is $2
  3. 1 special ball + 2 regular balls matched: your win is $5
  4. 3 regular balls matched: your win is $5
  5. 1 special ball + 3 regular balls matched: your win is $50
  6. 4 regular balls matched: your win is $500
  7. 1 special ball + 4 regular balls matched: your win is $5,000
  8. 5 regular balls matched: your win is $1,000,000
  9. 1 special ball + 5 regular balls matched: your win is Jackpot!


Each secondary prize can be increased by 2-5 times with the “Multiplier” option.


Where to buy MEGA Millions tickets online


You can buy MEGA Millions lottery tickets either in the official sales points in the USA or (if you are not an American resident) using an international service Lotto Agent:


  1. Visit the Powerball page on the official site.
  2. Pick as many lines in the ticket as you wish.
  3. Pick 5 regular numbers from 1 to 75 and 1 special number from 1 to 15 in each line. Use small tips to make it right.
  4. Tick “Multiplier” if you wish to increase your prize by 2-5 times.
  5. Complete your entry by clicking on the “Confirm” button.
  6. Play again! Lotto Agent gives bonus dollars to each new user to play for free.


You are welcome to register on the site to get started.