Powerball lottery - Buy 1 ticket, get 1 free!

What Is Powerball?


The most amazing thing you need to know about Powerball is that the game can make you a multimillionaire just in 24 hours. This is an American lottery, which is managed by the American Multi-State Lottery Association. Lottery draws are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays each week at 10:59PM (Eastern Time).


The minimum Jackpot is always $ 40,000,000. However, this amount can be increased — it can roll up with each draw by at least $ 10,000,000+ if the previous draw occurred without a Jackpot winner. The final rollover amount can be incredibly giant. Once it reached 1.6 billion dollars and was scooped by three lottery lovers.


All in all, 69 regular balls and 26 special balls (they are also called Powerballs) take part in each draw. In order to hit the Jackpot, the player needs to match 1 special and 5 regular balls. If all the numbers are picked perfectly, he will win the Grand Prize. However, Powerball has 8 more prize categories…


What Can I Win In Powerball?

As it has been already mentioned, Powerball has 9 winning combinations:


  1. 1 special ball matched: your prize is $4
  2. 1 special ball + 1 regular ball matched: your prize is $4
  3. 1 special ball + 2 regular balls matched: your prize is $7
  4. 3 regular balls matched: your prize is $7
  5. 1 special ball + 3 regular balls matched: your prize is $100
  6. 4 regular balls matched: your prize is $100
  7. 1 special ball + 4 regular balls matched: your prize is $10,000
  8. 5 regular balls matched: your prize is $1,000,000
  9. 1 special ball + 5 regular balls matched: Congratulations! It’s Jackpot!


This is not the whole story. With the additional option “Power Play” the player can increase his secondary prize by 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 10 times. How to pick Powerplay option? Just tell the seller in the official sales point or tick the special Powerplay field if you play with Lotto Agent. This option costs some extra money.


How To Play?

If you are not a US resident, you can try your luck by using the international online service Lotto Agent. It only takes a few minutes to make an entry. Please note: the official sales points finish to take entries an hour before the draw, while Lotto Agent needs 5-7 hours to buy tickets on its user’s behalf and prepare scanned copies.


  1. Visit the site and choose Powerball from the list of 20+ official lotteries.
  2. Decide how many lines you wish to pick in the ticket. In outline, one line is one entry, which is enough to win, but if you want to increase your chances to win — go ahead and pick as many lines in the ticket as you can.
  3. Pick 5 regular numbers from 1 to 69 and 1 special number from 1 to 26 in each line. If you are pressed for time, just click “Easy-pick” and some random numbers will be picked in your ticket in a few seconds.
  4. Want to win a bigger amount? Tick “PowerPlay”.
  5. Press the “Confirm” button and complete the order.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 again because Lotto Agent gives some bonus money to each new user to play for free.


After some time (but before the draw!) the scanned copy of the ticket purchased will be available in your Personal Account. Check it and keep fingers crossed!

How To Get Started?


You are welcomed in the site Lotto Agent at the top of this page to get started. In case of any questions you can reach customer support team by online chat, phone or email.